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Passion, Dedication, and Commitment to Home Building

Driven by customer satisfaction, we care deeply about our retail partnerships. Our commitment is reflected in our mission to improve the homes we build to support the neighborhoods and communities we know and love. At Redwood Falls, we also prioritize the health, safety, and happiness of our team members. The heart of our success stems from their passion and dedication to their craft.

We’re proud of the Schult Homes heritage and our tradition of excellence. We put in the extra time to get the details right, build innovative homes, and keep making a good name for ourselves. Through trial and success, our know-how hasn’t come the easy way, but we adapt and keep what works.

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Cabinets / Carpet / Drapes / Floors
Siding Shutters / Shingles / Tile & Backsplashes


Kitchen / Bathrooms
Bedrooms / Exterior

The highest-performing, most energy-efficient home Clayton has ever built.

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